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With Private Deva Hospital the
health of the world is in Gaziantep...

DEVA, which is among the values of Gaziantep, has integrated its accumulated experience, experience and expertise with the love of humanity. From its foundation in 1994 to the present, "respect and love for people" has been the compass of DEVA.

Serving as the medical center from 1994 to 2013 in Şahinbey, the central district of Gaziantep, Deva has served as a fully equipped hospital where you can access all kinds of medical services for your health needs since 2013.

The hospital, which is built on an area of 15.380 m2, serves with 160 patient beds,

5 operating theaters,

65 intensive care beds in different widths and features specially designed for the needs of patients and their relatives.


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When it comes to health, we believe that the most important thing is to choose best health provider for your own and your loved ones. That’s why, we offer the quality of care standards that everyone needs and deserves as it’s highest level to suit Deva Hospital.

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20 July 2024
International Health Tourism
As Deva Hospital, we take pride in welcoming patients from all over the world.
13 April 2022
Antibody Test
Private Deva Hospital Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine) Specialist Dr. Murat POLAT made statements about antibody tests.
13 April 2022
We are at your service 24/7 in your home too!
By bringing the comfort of our hospital to your home, we ensure that you receive all possible health services at home with our expert staff, perfect service understanding and technological infrastructure.