Deva patients, medical and technological applications of international standards has a Radiology Department of diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities. Department of Radiology MRI, CT scan, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, 4 D Doopler, Fluoroscopy equipment with Spectroscopy MR, Perfusion MR, cardiac MR, Enterography MR, Defecography MR, Traktography MR, MR Urography, brain MR Angio, breast MR, Siolography MR, Cystouretrography is, Cystography, Defecography, esophagusstomach - duodenum (Ö.M.D) and featured shots such as HSG and specialist with 24/7. It states that under the same roof and all of the devices this device to be associated with each other of the images received from the infrastructure that provides quick and easy diagnosis of patients with complete.

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