To facilitate the process of receiving treatment in a foreign country, our support program starts before you arrive at our hospital to ensure that you are fully informed about the treatment process. Before your visit, our International Health Tourism Department provides you with detailed information about the treatment plans, cost estimates, appointment scheduling, translation services, transportation and accommodation, and insurance coverage free of charge.

Welcome Services

As Deva hospital, we offer meet-up services tailored to your needs that will facilitate your transition from the airport. One of our team will greet you and guide you through the airport to get you through the security checkpoints and baggage claim area. Help is available in your language if needed.

Accommodation Services
Transportation Services

24/7 VIP transportation services between airport, hotel and hospital.

One-to-one Interpreter Service

An interpreter from our team will accompany you throughout your treatment.

Tourist Travel Support

• Architectural ruins in Rumkale, which has hosted many civilizations in history and is rumored to be the place where copies of the Bible were reproduced, have Late Roman and Medieval characteristics.
• Located in Gaziantep's Yavuzeli district, the historical Rumkale is located in a natural wonder place, where Merzimen Stream meets the Euphrates River, surrounded by an emerald green lake on three sides and steep, steep rocky hills surrounding it.
• Rumkale, which carries the traces of great civilizations in history such as Urartu, Babylon, Sumer, Seljuk and Ottoman, is shown in the list of 13 most magnificent castles by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.