Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; It is a surgical branch that works to correct congenital or acquired anomalies, deformities of shape and function and correction of body image. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;

Deals with any surgical problem that occurs on the entire body surface. The events that distortion of the shape and functions of the body may be congenital, traumatic or acquired. For example; congenital cleft palate-lip, conjoined finger, vascular masses (such as hemangiomas); traumatic burns, facial injuries, cuts and organ fractures, acquired skin and soft tissue tumors, chronic wounds are within this surgical discipline. Defects, deformities, pathological events (tumors, cysts, infections, etc.) in bone (especially face-to-head and hand bones) and cartilaginous roofs (such as ear and nose cartilages) are also within the plastic surgery field. In addition to classical surgical methods, micro surgical and laser systems are used for this.

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