Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy includes diagnosis and treatment of physical and functional disorders. Physical therapy is a form of non-drug treatment that involves applications for externally applied hot, cold applications, electrical currents, massage and exercise, and pain relief applications, and for musculoskeletal system diseases or benefits. It can be administered alone or in addition to orally administered treatments.

Rehabilitation is the treatment for regaining the lost ability to move, born or later. In Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center;

• All musculoskeletal disorders,

• All rheumatic diseases,

• Painful conditions,

• Nerve constriction,

• Cerebrospinal and peripheral nerve paralysis,

• Stroke and cerebral palsy,

• Joint stiffness and joint-restraint,

• Spasticity,

Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of acute-chronic conditions of diseases and conditions such as fractures and trauma are provided at Deva Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.

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