Pediatric Surgery

In our Department of Pediatric Surgery, we have been discussing the treatment of surgical diseases of newborn babies (congenital malformations, intestinal and anus obstructions, congenital abdominal wall openings (omphalocele, gastroschisis) and intraperitoneal massive surgical procedures as well as consultation of pregnant malformations in pregnancy, closed (laparoscopic) abdominal surgeries , acute developing diseases of the digestive system (appendicitis, intestinal obstructions), constipation treatment, hernia operations (inguinal hernia, umbilical cord and hydrocele-water cannula), undescended testis surgery (laparoscopic assisted reduction of intraabdominal testis), penis anomalies (hypospadias, penis curvature] and circumcision procedures are carried out with fully equipped advanced technological infrastructure and expert staff.

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