Orthopedic injuries are common among those over 65 years of age.
Obesity Symptoms and Causes
Weight could be a complex malady including an intemperate sum of body fat. Weight isn't fair a corrective concern.
How To Prepare For Rhinoplasty
Patients should be well-prepared before to having a rhinoplasty treatment, whether or not it includes internal functional surgery to improve the airway
Perfect Face Harmony With Profileoplasty
The proportion on the face determines the characteristic and beauty of the person.
Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Challenges
Before rhinoplasty gained popularity as a cosmetic procedure, operations were more frequently carried out to improve breathing without altering the nose's outward look.
All About Prostate
Dietary Guidelines After Bariatric Surgery
It is crucial to adhere to the suggested dietary recommendations after having bariatric surgery.
What Is an Orthopedic Surgeon?
Your musculoskeletal system is made up of your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Because these parts of your body are so important in everyday movement, it is common to experience pain in them.
Ways To Lose Weight
There are various types of weight loss surgery. They're all typically performed under general anaesthesia (while you're asleep) with keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery, but they work slightly differently.
Antibody Test
Private Deva Hospital Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine) Specialist Dr. Murat POLAT made statements about antibody tests.
Have You Had a Covid-19 PCR Test?
We perform your Covid-19 PCR test at home, at your workplace or at any address you give, without coming to the hospital, with our expert mobile team.
What are the symptoms and causes of obesity?
The most basic symptom of obesity disease is the accumulation of excessive levels of fat tissue in the body.
Osteoporosis (bone resorption)
Osteoporosis, also known as bone resorption; It is a disease that increases the likelihood of breaking bone due to calcium decrease in bone structure.
What to Expect After Weight Loss Surgery
If you're getting ready to undergo weight loss surgery, you're probably anticipating the results.
A transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is a surgical procedure in which a section of the prostate is removed.
Perfect Face Harmony With Profileoplasty
The proportion on the face determines the characteristic and beauty of the person.
Slipped Back
It was determined that approximately 5% of the patients who applied to the doctor due to low back pain had a slipped back.
Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is cancer that happens within the prostate. The prostate could be a little walnut-shaped organ in guys that produces the seminal fluid that feeds and transports sperm.