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Genital Aesthetic

Genital Aesthetic and Vagina Tightening 

The vulva, labia major, labia minor, clitoris, vagina, and surrounding organs make up the genital area. When it comes to the genital region, hereditary and genetic factors, childbirth, certain procedures, persistent constipation, etc., there may be visual and functional abnormalities.

It is possible to treat any genital visual or functional issues. In general, abnormalities, huge and droopy labia, a swollen vulva that is visible even under garments, birth marks and stitch scars, wrinkles, and other issues can be brought up by patients or their spouses. They may occasionally grumble that they can't orgasm, can't enjoy the intercourse, that the intercourse is unpleasant, or that they have to pass gas.. 

The most popular genital aesthetic procedures include vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening and aesthetics), labioplasty (reduction of labia major and minor, asymmetry and deformity treatment), g-shot (g spot filling for the complaint of inability to orgasm), some filler injections for wrinkles, and procedures for bladder and uterine prolapse.

Although the doctor makes most of the decisions regarding procedures, the patients' and their spouses' opinions and the kind of operation they choose are also crucial.

The fact that these procedures can be performed under regional anesthesia rather than general anesthesia for the patient's safety means that patients can go back to work right away and avoid having to stay in the hospital.