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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Medical Education: Hacettepe University

Specialization Education: Hacettepe University

Research and Publications

Articles Published in International Refereed Journals

Additional effect of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy on knee osteoarthritis treatment: a randomized, placebo-controlled study.

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Clinical trial: interferential electric stimulation in functional dyspepsia patients - a prospective randomized study.

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Evaluation of the patient positioning during DXA measurements in daily clinical practice.

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Papers Presented at International Scientific Meetings and Published in Proceedings

*Effect of PEMF on knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized , Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Study.Ozgüçlü E, Cetin A., Cetin M, Calp E. ECPRM 2008. Oral Presentation.

*Falls and Osteoporosis in Elderly.Ozgüçlü E., Cetin A., Şahin H, Gökçe Holly Y. ECPRM 2008. Poster Presentation.

Articles Published in National Refereed Journals

*The Effect of Clothing Preferences on Vitamin D and Bone Mineral Densities in Postmenopausal Osteoporotic Women.Yeşim Gökçe Sacred, Erkan Özgüçlü, Sevilay Karahan.Turkish Journal of Osteoporosis.2011;17:85-8

*Delayed Brachial Plexopathy Treatment in a Patient with Occipital Condyle and Multiple Rib Fractures.Özlem Erol, Levent Özçakar, Erkan Özgüçlü, Bayram Kaymak, Bilal Yılmaz, Mehmet Sırmalı.Romatol Medical Rehab 2005;16(3): 206-209.

Papers Presented at National Scientific Meetings and Published in Proceedings

*Fear of Arthroplasty in Patients with Advanced Knee Osteoarthritis.Erkan Ozguclu.National Ftr Congress 2011. Poster.

*Obtaining Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Synovial Fluid, Electron Microscope Investigation of the Effect of Pulse Electromagnetic Field on Chondroblast Differentiation of Cells.Erkan Özgüçlü, Alp Cetin, Zafer Hascelik, Duygu Uçkan Cetinkaya, Emine Kilic, Figen Kaymaz.National Ftr Congress 2011. Oral Presentation.

*Yeşim Gökçe Sacred, Erkan Özgüçlü, Sevilay Karahan, Ergun Karaağaoğlu.Sunshine, Vitamin D and Bone Mineral Density Association in Osteoporotic Women.Geriatrics 2008. Poster.

*Erkan Özgüçlü, Serdar Sipahioğlu, Emrah Sayit, Ahmet İnanır.Spontaneous Gastrocnemius Rupture and Hematoma in a patient with Achilles shortness;Tennis Leg.National Ftr Congress 2011. Poster. *Erkan Özgüçlü, Ahmet İnanır.Vertebral Destruction Due to Giant Aortic Aneurysm: A Fatal Cause of Low Back Pain.National Ftr Congress 2011. Poster.

*Erkan Özgüçlü, Ahmet İnanır, Şule Arslan.Bilateral Peroneal Nerve Paralysis Due to Prolonged Squatting.National Ftr Congress 2011. Poster.

*Erkan Ozguclu, Erkan Kilic.Spondylodiscitis After Infective Endocarditis.National Ftr Congress 2011. Poster.

*Erkan Özgüçlü, Ahmet İnanır.Congenital Brachymetacarpus and Metatarsus: A Case Report.National Ftr Congress 2011. Poster.

*Erkan Kılıç, Erkan Özgüçlü, Yeşim Gökçe Sacred.Spinal Cord Atrophy After Intrathecal Chemotherapy.National Ftr Congress 2011. Poster.

*Erkan Özgüçlü, Alp Cetin, Zafer Hascelik.Vertebral destructions and paraplegia: metastasis, not accident.National Ftr Congress 2011. Poster.

*Erkan Kilic, Erkan Ozguclu, Alp Cetin.Erosive osteoarthritis accompanying nodular osteoarthritis: a sausage craving event.National Ftr Rheumatic Diseases Congress 2008. Poster.